Ground handling supervision

We offer our Customers an integrated range of high quality ground, ramp and technical services at various locations across Georgia. If you are looking to optimize your flight operation and minimize the costs of operating of your aircraft, we have the perfect solution for you

Our services include:

  • * Guiding the Aircraft into and out of the parking position (by manner of A/C marshaling)
  • * Towing with push back tractors
  • * Lavatory Service
  • * Air conditioning
  • * Air start units (for starting engines)
  • * Loading handling, usually by means of cargo dollies and cargo loaders
  • * Weight and Balance, Loadsheet/Trimsheet for B747 freighter
  • * Ground power (so that engines needn’t be running to supply craft power on the ground)
  • * SLOT permission

Contact Information

   +995 595 060 060